About Wagtime's Dog Training Goals

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Private Dog Training at Your Home 


The goal of all of Wagtime’s training is to train you and your dog to live together as happy companions

Throughout all sessions, you are taught how to build a healthy, loving and humane dog-owner relationship so that your dog trusts, respects, & listens to you.

Wagtime’s Basic Training Programs (Puppy Started Right! & Good Dog Manners) frequently solve & prevent most dog’s behavior issues.

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These programs have a very high dog owner satisfaction rate because Linda developed them over 40 years of teaching dog owners what they & every good dog should know.



About Linda Greenfield, BS, MS, CPDT 

Linda is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, the only independent certifying organization for the dog training profession.

She is well educated by highly regarded professional certification courses & programs not in just obedience training, but in preventing & finding solutions for canine behavior problems.

These include completing many certification courses & programs at Cornell University & through the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, recognized as the premier national & worldwide organization for dog training professionals.

Linda has 40 years of extensive experience & expertise in teaching dog owners to train & handle their own dogs so both dog & owner can live as happy, respectful companions.

Private Training Fees for Single Sessions

$85 for Single Private Sessions:

  • Puppy Training

  • Dog Basic Training

  • Doggy Impulse Control Training

  • Specific Focus on other Behavior Problems

  • Fear Reactive Dog Issues

  • Aggressive Dog Issues

* Discounted Fee Packages for all Training Programs

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