Daily Basic House Sitting is included with all Pet Sitting Services: 


  • adjusting lights, curtains, blinds, etc

  • bringing in mail, packages, newspapers that have been delivered to your address,

  • taking out trash for curb pick up.

(House plant or patio plant watering is extra.)

Cat Sitting - PREMIUM Care with Feeding Visit

Includes these services:

  • Preparation of food & feeding with any oral medications or supplements (to be given in meal or in pill pockets),

  • scrub bowls

  • refill drinking water

  • scoop litter box

  • sweep up around litter box

  • attention & affection lavished

  • basic house sitting


$20 for each Premium Care Visit for 1 cat

+$5.00 for each Premium Care with Feeding Visit for each additional cat over 1

Multiple Pet Discounts - PREMIUM CARE Visit with Feeding

Many of my clients are animal lovers that have multiple pets of both dogs & cats that require pet sitting.


$25.00 for each Premium Care Visit with Feeding for one (1) DOG plus one (1) CAT

+ $5.00 for each Premium Care Visit with Feeding for each additional DOG or CAT

Pet Care for other kinds of animals (fish, birds, caged pets) is also available at additional fees.

Just Kitty Litter Box Services



Cat Sitting - Only Scoop the Kitty Litter Box

If you have multiple cats, having the litter boxes cleaned more than once a day helps to prevent elimination accidents.

* This service is only offered as a daily add-on service to any additional pet sitter visits to provide other pet care services for other household pets. 

Cat Sitting - PREMIUM Care Visit with Feeding is required as the primary & first paid service for the household cats.

This visit only provides for the removal of soiled litter from urine & feces from kitty litter boxes. 

Fee: $1 for a second cleaning service provided for each litter box per day



Complete Cleaning of Cat Litter Box:

Old, dirty litter bagged & trashed, box disinfected, litter refilled 

(all supplies & clean litter must be provided by pet’s owner)

Many cat owners say it is wonderful to come home to a fresh litter box & that they were so glad that they added on this service.

Fee: $10 for each litter box complete cleaning