Private Dog Training at Your Home

The goal of all of Linda’s training is to train you and your dog to be able to live in happy home companionship. 

Linda introduces your dog to progressive training exercises while teaching and demonstrating to you how she handles & trains your dog.

Linda then works with you & your dog together so you can continue to practice the lessons you both have learned.

Throughout all sessions, Linda teaches you how to build a healthy, loving and humane dog-owner relationship so that your dog respects, trusts & listens to you.

Doggy Impulse Control

What you need to know...

Many dogs are impulsive, highly energetic, over or hyperactive, even obnoxious.

Commonly, dog owners are wrongly told that they just aren't exercising their dogs enough...

But these dogs do NOT need MORE exercise. (Although they do need some exercise.)

Since you are still looking for help, more exercise hasn't actually been working, is it?

That's because more & more exercise has only been making your dog into a better athlete with more endurance!

A dog with Doggy Impulse Control is much more than your dog behaving with pet manners & being polite.

Doggy Impulse Control makes living with your dog SAFER

- for both you & for your dog: 

  • No bolting out of the front door

  • No running loose down the street into traffic

  • No jumping on you, your family, your guests

  • No bumping into you

  • No tripping you or getting under foot

  • No knocking over your guests or family members

Doggy Impulse Control teaches your dog:

  • the self control your dog seems to be born lacking

  • to respecting & listen to you

  • because your dog happily wants to follow your commands as the leader of your household.

What your dog really needs is to learn how to: 

Leaping Lizards!    you need this energy on command!

Leaping Lizards!

you need this energy on command!

  • control their reckless excitement

  • calm their emotional impulses

  • stay focused on you

  • listen for & obey your commands

  • patiently wait to get what they want

Situations that we generally train for: 

  • not to bolt through front door when guests or deliveries arrive

  • to "move" out of your way

  • to "wait" at all doors until given permission to walk through

  • to wait politely to be fed

  • to wait before getting in & out of cars

  • to patiently sit & wait to greet you, family & guests

Doggy Impulse Control is longer term training for more difficult dogs.

This 6 session program also usually resolves the majority of dog behavior problems!

Most dogs just need Wagtime's highly successful basic training in order to become a well mannered dog because they need to be motivated differently to behave like a good house dog.

Most dog owners just need Wagtime's very important teachings on how they, the dog's owners, are giving their dog the wrong messages about how their dog is expected to behave & about whom is really in control in your household while being zen cool & calm.

This is program is designed to teach your dog how to gain self control to manage their emotional impulses & physically expressed excitement

It is customized to manage your overactive and often unpredictable dog while retraining to resolve your dog's unsafe bad habits.

Doggy Impulse Control Fees

(2 ways to pay)



A - By each single Private Session for $85 each



B - Prepaid Package of 3 Sessions for ONLY $225

Great value at only $75 per each session

(Saves you $30 off Single Private Sessions!)