Wagtime's Private Training Sessions

with Behavior Modification Training for

Your Dog's Behavior Issues  

Believe it or not, all the "bad" behaviors that your dog does are completely normal dog behavior.

"Bad" dogs are just doing what comes naturally for dogs.


Those "bad" behaviors went from once being normal & even cute when your dog was young to becoming annoyingobnoxious, to excessive & even destructive.

The reality is, it's likely that it's your own fault that your dog is now a "bad" dog.

But we can excuse you for not being educated enough about preventing some of these problems, especially now that you are correcting that.

In order to successfully change this situation, you need the awareness that your dog has these behavior issues because you actually allowed, even encouraged & rewarded the very behaviors that now cause you to curse your dog.

For example, when your labradoodle was a puppy, it was cute, sweet & heart touching when you came home & she/ he excitedly greeted you by jumping all over you.

Until at 6 months she/ he jumps on you while you are wearing an expensive suit or dress with stockings & high heels to go to a special meeting or event.

You are furious at your 6 month old labradoodle because your dress now has paw prints and dog hair all over & your only pair of pantyhose has runs.


It's useless to blame your dog for growing up to be the dog you "spoiled" into being "bad".

"Bad" dog behaviors are simple unwanted "bad" habits. 

If you are willing to change your habits that have not just allowed but actually encouraged your dog's "bad" habits, the sooner your dog will have "good" dog habits.

The fact that you are reading this means you are responsible & love your dog enough to educate yourself to train your dog to make the changes necessary to have a dog with the "good" habits we call manners.

What a good dog owner / parent!

Wagtime has many training solutions for excessive fearfulness, obnoxious & destructive behavior problems such as:

  • Barking

  • Destructive Chewing

  • Digging

  • Fearfulness

  • Grabbing & Playing with Leash

  • Guarding Toys or Food

  • Jumping on People

  • On & Off Furniture

  • Play Biting

  • Stealing & Chewing Non-dog Articles (clothing, shoes, personal objects, etc)

  • Table & Counter Surfing

  • And other issues...

After understanding what unwanted behaviors you want to change in your dog, Linda will help you structure a short term management approach so you can better control your dog & help prevent the unwanted issues.

Management is initially necessary to provide safety for your dog, as well as for you, your family & guests.

Just as importantly, good management prevents the repetition (practice!) of your dog’s unwanted behaviors, while we retrain your dog to behave in the ways that you prefer.

Basic obedience skills are used to build a more effective communication between you & your dog so we can train safer, healthier ways for your dog to behave.

You then develop a healthier relationship with your dog based on the proper use of positive reinforcement so that your dog can learn to behave like a good house dog

Most dog owners need Wagtime's very important teachings on how they, the dog's owners, are often giving their dog the wrong messages:

  • about how their dog is expected to behave

  • about whom is really in control in your household

You will learn how to be a good & loving leader

while remaining zen cool & calm.

Behavior Modification Training Fees

(2 ways to pay)



1 - By each single Private Session for $85 each

This is Wagtime's regular, no prepaid package rate.



2 - Prepaid Package of 3 In-Home Private Sessions for ONLY $225

The focus of these 3 discounted sessions is on basic retraining with short term management to assist in resolving only a few behavior issues.

A great value at ONLY $75 per each session.

Saves you $30 off regularly priced Single Private Sessions!

After completion of this 3 session program, if you wish to continue further training, you can purchase another discounted Follow-up Package of 3 sessions.)

Behavior Modification Training alone is NOT meant for

Impulsive, Out of Control or Hyperactive Dogs


Aggressive Dogs or Fear Reactive Dogs.

These are much more difficult and serious behavior problems

that need more cautious & safer approaches for a longer duration of time.